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 North Wall

 South Wall

Urbanspace Gallery is on the first floor at 401 Richmond Street West in Toronto. The gallery encourages observations and conversations about city dynamics, especially in Toronto.  

Because of its location at the hub of a major community of art galleries, stores and studios, Urbanspace Gallery receives a number of visitors, both impromptu and intentional. 

The 1000 sq ft main space is 56 ft long and 20 ft wide. The floor-to-ceiling height is 13ft with 8ft high drywall sections between brick and beam piers. A continuous 44ft wall runs off the main space along one side of an 8ft wide corridor, mirrored by five discreet segments. There are dimmable track lights, air conditioning, and the acoustics are excellent. The gallery is equipped with WiFi, a digital projector, a portable stage with lecture podium and amplification, making it an ideal space for events.

Urbanspace Gallery invites proposals for exhibitions focused on salient urban issues. Travelling exhibitions as well as site-specific projects are welcome. We are especially interested in hosting exhibitions whose content is suitable for travel to other venues, broadening the conversation beyond our walls. 


Please email your proposals to Urbanspace Gallery’s Events and Exhibitions Manager, Cynthia Mykytyshyn, at for consideration.