End Youth Homelessness in the 6ix: Impacts, Interventions, Innovations Eva's Initiatives Urbanspace Gallery

End Youth Homelessness in the 6ix: Impacts, Interventions, Innovations

Approximately 2,000 young people are homeless every night in Toronto and 20% of Canada’s homeless population is between ages 13 and 24. But youth homelessness is often hidden. Few of us are aware of its true impacts.

Unknown things easily turn into unchangeable things. But youth homelessness has unique root causes, and interventions that actually work do exist. What pushes a person into homelessness at a young age and what can help them find home and belonging? How can we work together to do things differently to bring youth homelessness to an end? Hosted by Eva’s Initiatives for Homeless Youth, this exhibit explores these questions and asks you to join the effort to help young people build futures free of homelessness.


Curated by:

Eva’s Inititaives


401 Richmond Street West
Ground Floor
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Monday to Saturday
10:00 AM to 6:00 PM


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